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Welcome to the web page of the GRUPO MARQUEZ 

With the creation of this website we wish to introduce our capacity to work and get closer to our customers.

The Grupo Marquez leadership is based on giving the best service at lower cost and our companies are members of the following associations:





  • The Grupo Marquez - Attended  the 3rd and Employment & Entrepreneurship Fair  

    Last April 2011, our company attended the 3rd Fair 

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  • The Company Áridos Casablanca, S.L. Leaders on the I+D+i Project

    On December 20, 201, at the Industrial Technological Development Center (CDTI)

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  • The Grupo Márquez - UTE Thermosolar (in Olivenza)

    The Grupo Marquez currently provides civil work services to the UTE of the Thermo Olivenza

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  • The Grupo Marquez - Inauguration of the Gevora Soccer Field

    Inauguration of the Gevora Soccer Field.

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  • CHF (Charcofrío SL) - Obtaining the Certificate RePro

    Our company CHF (Charcofrío S.L.) has been registered and classified for the RePro - supplier title issued by the Achilles South Europe Organization.

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  • Project Implementation "Separata Commercial Zone Sector Development Project Sub-CC.9.2.4" in Badajoz.

    The Urban Interest Group Palomas,  to which Charcofrio S.L. offers its services, perform the Separata Commercial Zone Sector Development Project Sub-CC.9.2.4

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